Sales & Marketing

Every business has a few key things that can make that business do amazing if done correctly or develop business problems if done poorly. Fixing any one of these can have a profound impact on your business, redesigning how they all work together will transform your business and your bottom line.

Sales & Marketing

What can we help with?

  • Immediate Results Action Plan
  • Increase turnover and profits
  • Cross-promotional marketing planning & implementation
  • Professional CRM management
  • Increase Client Base
  • Promotional Planning & Implementation

Horizon IM designs sales & marketing packages to enhance growth in your business. Whether you are a new business building a client base, an existing business wanting to extend your reach, or wanting to improve your customer care, Horizon IM can help you specifically design and maintain your marketing campaigns, cost efficiently.

Horizon IM recognises when running a business, it is difficult to acquire skills and resources to provide consistent marketing, cost effectively, and partner with someone who actually understands your business. Horizon IM helps you with powerful campaigns to increase clients and sales, planning ahead and improve your brand in the process

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