Business Turnaround

Every business has a few key things that can make that business do amazing if done correctly or develop business problems if done poorly. Fixing any one of these can have a profound impact on your business, redesigning how they all work together will transform your business and your bottom line.

Business Turnaround

What can we help with?

  • IT planning
  • Moving to the cloud
  • Major cost savings
  • Software training
  • General Phone & Email support
  • Going Mobile
  • Website Development
  • Mobile websites
  • Custom software development

Renewing or Enhancing Business Performance. When your business experiences problems and cashflow distress, it is critical to address the issues promptly rather than hoping for the next big account to come in, risking everything you have, including your personal assets. Stopping the cash hemorrhage and/or finding the hidden cash in your operation often eludes management.

Business Turnaround is the term applied to the process of renewing business profits and stability. The process calls on all disciplines related to business such as; finance, accounting, marketing, legal, operations, governance, resources, etc to transform business performance. An “experienced” Turnaround Manager has knowledge of all disciplines, is able to identify problems and move to create workable solutions quickly.

The ‘experienced” Turnaround Manager has a track record for results, has no political agenda or other obligations to colour decision-making, allowing him or her to take unpopular, yet necessary steps, for survival and preservation of the business.

You can choose from one of our standard packages, depending on the level of distress you maybe experiencing.

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